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Music Term: Chord

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Definition and background:

The sounding of two or more notes (usually at least three) simultaneously. The two most common chords are the major and minor chords. A major chord is composed of a major third above the tonic note, and a perfect fifth above the tonic, a minor chord is composed of a minor third and a perfect fifth. See also; ninth chord, seventh chord, and parallel chord.See also [Eng.] chord; [Fr.] accord; [Ger.] Akkord; [It.] accordo; [Sp.] accorde. a chord is the simultaneous sounding of two or more notes. the adjective is chordal. The study of harmony involves the correct placing of chords with relation to each other Several notes sounded simultaneously ("solid" or "block"), or in succession ("broken"). Two-note chords are called diads; three-note chords are called triads. A chord may contain any number of notes.

A tone pattern made by playing three or more notes at the same time. Consonant chords, made up of tones at certain intervals, are restful ones that seem to say the final word. Dissonant chords, made up of tones at certain other intervals, sound restless and incomplete, demanding something more to be said.

A combination of three or more pitches sounding at the same time

Three or more musical pitches sung or played together.

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