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Artopium.com -> Library Index -> Music Terms -> Consonance

Music Term: Consonance

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Definition and background:

An accord of sounds sweet and pleasing to the ear as opposed to dissonance. Perfect consonances are the perfect fourth, fifth, and octave, imperfect consonances are the major and minor thirds and sixths. A combination of sounds producing a feeling of stability, or of little desire for resolution. A simultaneious sounding of tones that produces a feeling of rest, i.e., a feeling that there is no need for further resolution. pitches that sound good together. During the period before 1200, the fourth, fifth and octave were consonant, while thirds and sixths as well as seconds and sevenths were dissonant and had to be handled carefully. In the later Middle Ages and Renaissance, the third and sixth came to be considered consonant. Antonym: dissonance. sounds that are in agreement in terms of physical generation of sound; i.e. sounds found in the harmonic series of a pitch being harmonized, in contrast to dissonance

A combination of sounds producing a feeling of stability, or of little desire for resolution

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