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Music Term: Yodel

Yue qin
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Definition and background:
A style of singing or calling that involves switching the registers of the voice rapidly from head voice to chest voice (or falsetto and natural voice). Although this type of singing is typically associated with the high warbling of the Swiss and Tyrolean mountaineers, forms of yodeling can be found in several cultures, including African, Persian, and cowboy singers in the United States such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Yodeling most likey began a cappella, or without accompaniment, but it is common today for yodeling to be accompanied with accordion, Guitar, or small ensemble.VIDEO EXAMPLE:Video example of Swiss Yodeling - Courtesy, Edi Sch'fer. ' Yodel Lyrics Und jetzt w'mmer eis j'dele, j'dele, j'dele Und jetzt w'mmer eis j'dele, und luschtig si'type of singing that utilizes abrupt alternation between the chest voice and falsetto. Many times, yodeling is done with nonsense syllables. Popular among the mountain people of Switzerland and the Austrian Tyrol
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